Your ski getaway should be as fun off-hill, as on! Get ready for comfort with accommodations that’ll turn your ski dreams into reality!

We offer a premium line up of traditional and contemporary hotels with a variety of features. Be it, quaint rooms, or more space with multi-bedrooms that offer kitchenettes or full kitchens. We offer homes, and town homes as well as classic lodge experiences and cozy cabins that will embrace you like a warm hug.

Interested in luxurious lodgings? We have properties with top-notch amenities and stunning panoramic views, where you can bask in the glory of your day’s conquests. Seeking a touch of nostalgia? We can offer lodging with a nod to the golden era of skiing, blending retro vibes with traditional comforts too.

Trust Merit to make your ski vacation the best yet. Our carefully selected portfolio of accommodations are more than places to saw logs; they’re stages for unforgettable memories, where magical ski days spent with friends and family spill from the slopes to your cozy haven. So, whether you fancy a snug lodge, an adventurous abode, or a luxurious peak perch, connect with your favourite Merit agent today and let your winter adventures unfold.

Your dream Merit Ski Vacation awaits – secure your spot and let the snow-filled fun begin! Connect with your Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert.

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Down days, the unsung heroes of a ski vacation! When you’re not shredding the slopes, these moments become a canvas for unforgettable experiences. Picture cozying up in a mountainside cafe, sipping cocoa while the snowflakes perform their silent dance outside. Down days are your ticket to exploring charming ski villages, discovering hidden boutiques or experiencing the cheery culture of the destination, and indulging in another pleasures- just for you.

For the adventure enthusiasts, why not try Nordic, snowshoeing, ice skating, tubing, an exhilarating mountain coaster ? These off-slope activities add a thrilling twist to your downtime. Unwind at a spa, where soothing massages and hot tubs await to pamper your ski-weary muscles. And let’s not forget the joy of a good book or board game by the fireplace – the perfect après-ski relaxation.

Down days are not a pause but a chance to deepen your connection with destination and with yourself. Whether you’re seeking serenity or adventure, embrace the rhythm of the mountains beyond the slopes, and let your ski vacation become a symphony of both thrill and tranquility!

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert suggest activities for the perfect ski vacation today!

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Embark on a culinary odyssey that elevates your ski vacation to epicurean heights! From the cozy slope side resto-bars offering hearty mountain fare, to the chic alpine bistros where each bite feels like a gourmet masterpiece – dining is an adventure for your taste buds. Immerse yourself in fondue feasts, where cheesy decadence meets communal joy. Sample slope-side sushi that’s as fresh as the mountain air, or savor the warmth of a fireside steakhouse. Whether you crave comfort food or avant-garde gastronomy, let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert help with suggestions! Serving it all up with a side of breathtaking views. Get ready to ski, savor, and repeat – because every meal should be a slope-side celebration!

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As the sun dips behind the peaks, the slopes transform into a playground of après and nightlife wonders.

Magic, wonder and excitement are for the taking! Why not become a dance floor dynamo; while celebrating the day’s conquests with rhythm and revelry. For those seeking a mellower vibe, seek out the spots in town where there’s fireside acoustic jams.

At night, feel the pulsating energy where the DJs spin beats that echo off the snow-capped peaks. If you fancy a more refined experience, seek out the local piano bar, relax while you sip on mountain-inspired mocktails or cocktails. Sidestep it to the local honkey tonk, or discover the towns craft brewery.

From slope-side bonfires to twinkling village lights, après-ski is a kaleidoscope of possibilities. Whether you’re toasting marshmallows under the stars or sharing after mountain ski tales; every night is a crescendo of mountain merriment. So, gear up for après-ski and nightlife adventures, where the slopes may rest, but the fun is just getting started!

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert share their favourite destinations for après-ski and nightlife.

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Booking with a Merit Travel Ski Vacations Expert is your backstage pass to a stress-free experience. They handle the logistics so you can focus on the thrill of the slopes, your important meeting, or engage in sheer camaraderie with your squad. It’s like having a skiing sensei by your side, ensuring your event is not just an event but something memorable, leaving everyone wanting more.

Cheers to booking with the Merit pros, where every slope is a winter adventure waiting to be written!

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Groups Expert share their favourite destinations for Groups and help assemble the perfect group ski experience today!

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6 days / 7 nights sample itinerary

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14 nights with scheduled tours sample itinerary

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An ode to POW POW…….

Unlike the predictable precision of groomed trails, powder skiing is a dynamic dance where you anticipate every dip and rise, a thrilling collaboration with the mountain’s natural contours. The deep, fluffy snow becomes your partner in gravity-defying stunts and high-speed turns, an exhilarating ballet where you’re the choreographer.

It’s not just skiing; it’s a masterclass in fluidity and precision, where each descent is an ode to the sheer joy of being in complete control amidst the untamed beauty of the mountain.

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert share their favourite destinations for powder stashes!

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Hassle-free transition
Ultimate in seamless
No- time -wasted
Effortlessly Integrate

These are the descriptors of the Ski in Ski out experience! A True ski in ski out is the ultimate in convenience where you’re actually skiing to and from you’re your accommodation. Sometimes you ski out but not in and sometimes you ski in but not out. There’s usually a small walk to the chair or gondola in these circumstances.

Either way, Merit offers a complete portfolio of these awesomely efficient properties from great value all the way to luxury!

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert share their favourite Ski In-Ski Out destinations with you!

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• Ski resorts that have a variety of terrain catering to all levels, with gentle slopes and comprehensive amenities. Runs that funnel all into one area.

• Featuring spacious layouts and kid-friendly facilities ensure comfort. Our properties that feature Kids Stay Free value options alongside kitchen faciliites provide value for a family.

• Accessible and engaging ski schools offer lessons suitable for various ages, fostering skill development.

• Why not take advantage!

• On-site childcare services provide parents with flexibility and peace of mind.

• Well-planned/pre-booked non ski activities, such as tubing or sledding.

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert logistically plan and streamline your family’s ski vacation with you!

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The ideal ski vacation for a beginner/never-ever skier or boarder combines several key elements to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience. Firstly, a beginner-friendly resort with well-groomed, gentle progressive slopes with investments in learning zones is crucial, fostering skill development in a comfortable environment. Access to certified ski instructors is paramount; patient professionals who provide personalized guidance only helps to accelerate the learning curve. A well-equipped rental facility offering gear and even soft outer gear rentals can help offset costs because in the learning stages snowboarding my be preferred eventually over skiing and vice versa. A full compliment of non-skiing or down day activities can help for when the days pursuits have been a lot!

Working with a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert provides you with a well-organized trip, minimizing stress for beginners and allows you to focus on the thrill of learning to ski. In essence, a Merit Expert transforms a potential logistical maze into a well-planned, enjoyable adventure.

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert plan your best beginner ski trip today!

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Don’t want to break the bank?! No problem. Budget or great value, Merit has what you need!

AFFORDABLE ACCOMMODATIONS-Merit can provide you with affordable budget-friendly lodgings and hotels with more basic amenities, preferably with discount offers!

DEALS ON LIFT PASSES-Merit will scout out the best deals for you such as 50% off lift tickets and FREE days!

SELF-CATERING OPTIONS- Merit can suggest comfortable accommodations with kitchen faciliites so that you don’t need to dine out all time.

OFF PEAK TIMES- Merit knows exactly when the prices are higher and LOWER!
THERE ARE RESORTS THAT ARE LESS EXPENSIVE- Merit knows the resorts that often cost less!

BOOK IN ADVANCE- Call us. Merit has the promos and the rules that are in place to get you the best offer out there!

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert help you plan your best GREAT VALUE ski vacation today!

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Luxury ski vacations embody a specific symphony of opulence, blending refined elements for an enchanting alpine holiday. Allow for exclusive access, lavish and sophisticated lodging, featuring indulgent amenities like private hot tubs and panoramic views . Fawn over Gourmet dining experiences as world-class chefs craft culinary masterpieces. Personalized concierge services cater to every whim, orchestrating spa treatments, and bespoke adventures. Enjoy the finest shops, private lessons and guides.

Opulent elegance or relaxed mountain luxury- a Merit Travel Luxury Ski Package is carefully crafted according to our VIP clients’ unique requests and desires.

Let us create unique memories for you as individual as the snowflakes are to the winter they are born.

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert create your personal Luxury Ski Vacation today!

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First Time Skiers -It’s always recommended to take a lesson or two to review safety tips including stopping and turning on the hill and also loading and unloading on the ski lifts. Lessons maximize your time on the snow by promoting faster learning and often, priority access to the lifts during the lesson.

And lessons are not just for the never-evers! Intermediates, and advanced skiers benefit greatly from the feedback of certified instructors while enhancing new skills, not to mention the new friendships often fostered. Remember always book in advance to get lesson preferences and huge savings and precious time saved!

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert provide you more information and a no-obligation quote.

CALL NOW-1.800.268.5940

Score maximum savings by pre-purchasing your ski rental gear with Merit Travel Ski Vacations. Skip the hassle and enjoy the exclusive perks, from sweet discounts on basic gear to top-tier equipment choices. With pre-planned precision, leave your concerns behind and the details to us. Let Merit save you time, and money.

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert provide you more information and a no-obligation quote.

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Save big by pre-purchasing your ski passes and lift tickets with Merit Travel Ski Vacations. Say goodbye to long lines and hello to more mountain time. Secure exclusive deals and discounts (like free lift days, 50% offers), ensuring your wallet stays as happy as you do on the slopes. Say no to ‘on mountain window rates’! Just grab your gear, snag those passes early, and let the good times snowball – because the only thing better than skiing is skiing smart!! We are an official distributor of Ikon and Epic Pass products. Call about future credits today!

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert provide you more information and a no-obligation quote.

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Merit Travel Ski Vacations makes it so easy for you. We assemble your complete ski package effortlessly. Transfers from airport gateway to the destination and resort. Transfers by bus, van, rail or car. Shared transportation or private car service. Luxury vehicles or best value. We are here for you every step (and best priced transfer) of the way.

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert provide you more information and a no-obligation quote.

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Best airfares here. Period! Get a quote today.

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert provide you more information and a no-obligation quote.

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We’re here to protect you and your ski vacation travel investment with our partner, Allianz. Your credit often doesn’t cover you for what you need. Speak with a Merit Travel Ski Expert today to talk about how to best protect you and your ski vacation travel investment, for the best price.

Let a Merit Travel Ski Vacation Expert provide you more information and a no-obligation quote.

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LOW PRICES! On Sale now!

We’ve got the Good Times covered with

  • • Merit Future Travel Credits
  • • Ikon Renewal pricing
  • • Expert guidance, planning and deal sourcing with a Merit Mountain Expert
  • • “Win Back Your Pass” Contest. (Purchase pass by September 30, 2024 to be entered)

More details below

With two main lift pass options for you to choose from, The Ikon Pass and Ikon Base Pass allow you to experience the freedom of skiing and riding your home mountain and enjoy select days at other legendary Ikon Pass destinations throughout North and South America, Europe and other resorts around the globe.

Get your Ikon Pass today and gain access to 50+ unique destinations!


Spring Skiing Access. Spring 2024 access for select mountain destinations including immediate access for Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario. Conditions apply. Ski two seasons for the price of one! April 8 2024 is start date of Tremblant access.

Confidence to buy. Ikon Pass provides 24/25 Ikon Pass holders the option to defer their unused Ikon options can be purchased through Spot Insurance. Terms and conditions apply.

Ikon Pass First Tracks. Ikon Pass First Tracks is available one designated morning per month in January, February, and March 2024 at each participating destination during the 23/24 winter season. Designated days may vary by destination. Ikon Pass First Tracks applies to the 23/24 and 24/25 Ikon Pass, Ikon Base Pass, Ikon Base Plus Pass and Ikon Session Pass, based on pass access. 24/25 First Tracks dates will be announced at a later date.


UNLIMITED ACCESS to 17 destinations and up to 7 days at 41 destinations. NO BLACKOUTS.

Full list of destinations below.

$1359 usd per adult

$1019 usd per young adult


Up to 14 days of skiing and riding at 14 destinations. Some blackouts and conditions may apply.

Up to 5 days 37 destinations.

$969 usd per adult

$699 usd per young adult 13-23

Ikon Base Plus Pass

For $250usd more, score access at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Aspen Snowmass, Deer Valley Resort, Alta Ski Area, Sun Valley, Snowbasin and Taos.

Ikon Sessions Passes

Ikon Sessions Passes for 2-Day, 3-Day and 4-Day available.

Why purchase your Ikon Pass from Merit Travel Ski Vacations?

SAVE with Merit Travel. Enjoy Future Travel Credits!

When you purchase your Ikon Base Pass or Ikon Pass with Merit Travel, receive $100CAD Credit towards your 2024 2025 ski vacation package.

GROUP Promos available as well, plus Free skis for group leaders. Connect with our Ski Groups Department to learn more.

Win Back Your Pass Contest

When you purchase your Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass through Merit Travel Ski Vacations by Sept 30,2024, your name will entered into a draw for a chance to win back the cost of your pass!


We are the mountain experts. We can match you to the perfect mountain and destination. Let us know what your needs are and we’ll always give you unbiased expert suggestions. We know we’ll hit the mark with what your heart is set on.

Full Service & Deal Scouts

Merit Travel Ski Vacations has access to the best available rates for the whole of the 24/25 season for flights, lodging, lifts, transfers, cars, lessons and more. We are part of Canada’s largest premium vacations providers. We’re big, and that comes with it’s benefits but rest assured, we love providing our signature, friendly, detailed, and prompt service. It’s the Merit way.

The Best Ski Vacations

So, let us help you experience your best ski vacation. From start to finish, let our Merit Travel experts design your perfect trip. We know the Ikon destinations well! Get to the good times with peak value with the 2024 2025 Ikon Pass and Merit Travel Ski Vacations. Call or email us today to book!

IKON PASS Provides Unlimited Resort Access at the following resorts (with no blackouts)

United States

  • • Big Bear Mountain Resort, CA
  • • Copper Mountain Resort, CO
  • • Crystal Mountain, WA
  • • Eldora Mountain Resort, CO
  • • June Mountain, CA
  • • Mammoth Mountain, CA
  • • Palisades, CA
  • • Schweitzer Mountain, ID
  • • Snowshoe, WV
  • • Snow Valley, CA
  • • Solitude, UT
  • • Steamboat, CO
  • • Stratton, VT
  • • Sugarbush, VT
  • • Winter Park Resort, CO


  • • Blue Mountain, ON
  • • Tremblant, QC

IKON PASS Provides up to 7 days access at the following resorts (with no blackouts)

United States

  • • Alyeska Resort, AK
  • • Alta and Snowbird, UT (7 days combined)
  • • Arapahoe Basin, CO
  • • Aspen Snowmass, CO (7 days between the 4 mountains; reservations required)
  • • Mt. Bachelor, OR
  • • Big Sky, MT (reservations required)
  • • Blue Mountain, PA
  • • Boyne Highlands, MI
  • • Boyne Mountain, MI
  • • Brighton, UT
  • • Camelback Resort, PA
  • • Deer Valley Resort, UT (reservations required)
  • • Jackson Hole WY (reservations required)
  • • Killington Pico, VT (7 days combined)
  • • Loon Mountain, NH (reservations required)
  • • Snowbasin, UT
  • • Snowbird, UT
  • • Sugarloaf, ME
  • • Sun Valley, ID
  • • Sunday River, ME
  • • The Summit at Snoqualmie, WA (reservations required)
  • • Taos Ski Valley, NM
  • • Windham Mountain, NY (reservations required)


  • • Cypress Mountain, BC
  • • Panorama, BC
  • • Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC
  • • SkiBig3, AB (Lake Louise, Banff Sunshine, and Mt. Norquay—7 days Combined)
  • • Sun Peaks Resort, BC
  • • Red Mountain, BC


  • • Arai Snow Resort, JP
  • • Chamonix/Mont Blanc, FR
  • • Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, Mt. Hutt, NZ (7 days combined)
  • • Dolomiti Superski, IT
  • • Grandvalira Resorts, AN
  • • Kitzbühel, AT
  • • Niseko JP (7 days combined)
  • • Lotte Arai, JP
  • • Thredbo, AU
  • • Valle Nevado, CL
  • • Mt. Buller, AU
  • • Zermatt, CH

Terms and Conditions.

*$100 CAD credit to be used for future travel booked with Merit Travel Ski Vacations, is valid on air-inclusive ski packages comprised of 5 days or more. Credit redemption only valid for adult passes. Only one credit can be used per room. Groups of 20 persons or more will receive $50 per room-groups pricing available for a short time:. Ski package must be booked with Merit Travel Ski Vacations from March 14, 2024- March 14, 2025. Valid for travel starting November 15, 2023 at Ikon partner mountain destinations opening days until May 1, 2025, or Ikon partner mountain destination closing day. For all offers and Ikon benefits, certain blackouts and additional terms and conditions may apply. Connect for more information.

**When you purchase your Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass through Merit Travel Ski Vacations by Sept 30,2024, your name will entered into a draw for a chance to win the cost of your pass back. Two winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be notified by Oct 4, 2024. Winner will be refunded the cost of one Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass at the time it was purchased through Merit Travel. Refund will be applied to the credit card on file. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Yes, the mountains are famous for their skiing and winter pursuits, but as the last lift closes for the season, we watch them transform into a wonderland of changing scenic beauty and new freshness, inviting you to return.

Mountain life in the summer, folds in possibilities like outdoor music and food festivals, live music, gondola and chair rides, hiking tours, mountain biking and big open lakeside adventures.

A summer afternoon can be well spent with a good book and a refreshment on the pool deck, taking in the heat of the sun’s rays after a visit to Yosemite, Yellowstone, Banff, Zion or Jasper National Parks. Summer ziplining, mountain coasters, and rock walls keep you in activity heaven.

To the Alps, The Rockies, to The Tetons, The Cascades and more. Merit has the perfect destination for you!

We know the Mountains in winter, and summer; fresh, natural, and fun. We’ll get you there, hassle free. Connect with us today!

Lift, Learn + Lend

Lift Passes and Ski Tickets

Reduced rates, 50% off, free days, and best savings on Ski Lift Tickets, Passes, and Ikon and Epic Pass Products!

Lessons + Equipment Rentals

Get the best rates, and booking offers when you prebook with Merit.

Choose what suits your style. Merit Travel Ski Vacations offers a variety of ticketing
options to satisfy the needs of skiers of all ages and abilities.

Send a photo of your Merit Travel Ski Vacation, to be entered into our seasonal draws! Find out more, connect with your Merit Travel Agent today!





I have been arranging group travel for my ski club with Linda Kroiss and Merit Travel for many years, and I wouldn’t consider using anyone else! Linda is professional, knowledgeable, and committed to making sure every detail is arranged to give us the best ski vacation we can imagine. She provides exceptional customer services, is a pleasure to work with, and I recommend her highly!

Peg McPhedran

Peg McPhedran, Probus Ski Legends, Collingwood, ON
Peg McPhedran

I have had the honour of working closely with Merit Travel through the 2 most tumultuous ski seasons in recent history. The constant availability of their agents, and steadfastness during unsteady times set them apart from other companies. I am beyond grateful for the experiences my groups enjoyed and relationships I’ve gained as a client of Merit Travel.



Merit Travel has always been my go-to ski vacation and travel company for the last 15 plus years. Paul and his trip leaders have always provided my ski and snowboard friends a fun, relaxed, well organized great time at a great price while skiing and snowboarding abroad. I have met many new friends over the years and will continue to travel with Merit Travel in the future. Let it snow. Cheers.

Kevin M

Kevin M
Kevin M

High Park Ski Club has been booking wonderful group trips with Merit Ski Vacations for many years. Their attention to details and great knowledge of ski resors, some we had not even considered, has made our club trips very popular. They are a true partner who work wit hus to provide a wide range of trips and unique experiences.

Ms. Kim Wiebe

Ms. Kim Wiebe, Director of Long Trips, High Park Ski Club
Ms. Kim Wiebe

For the past 18 years, I have relied on Merit [Travel] as my ski travel consultants for our annual Private Equity Ski Summit. They have done a fantastic job in planning and facilitating many of the critical items needed for this iconic even and have gone out of their way to ensure a great experience for Deloitte and its clients. They were in touch regularly throughout the planning process; from finding and securing a venue location, lodging, dining and various excursions to significant on the ground support. The feedback I have received from our clients has always been positive and I look forward to continuing to work with Merit for our future ski events.

Robert Olsen

Partner Deloitte LLC
Robert Olsen

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